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I hope that you and your baby can benefit from the parenting tips I’ve compiled. Throughout this blog, I will refer to baby as “he” rather than “he/she” since I am preparing for a little guy of my own. All comments and advice from other moms out there are welcome! Happy parenting!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Help Baby Cope with Separation Anxiety

Babies as young as 6 months get anxious when they realize you’re gone. Here are some tips from American Baby magazine for leaving your baby with a sitter or at day care.
  1. Practice. Play peek-a-boo to teach baby that you will come back after you leave. Then progress to leaving the room for a minute or two. Say, “Mommy will be right back.” If he gets upset, talk to him from the other room to show him that he’s safe and you’re still there.
  2. Don’t leave him with a stranger. The first experience with a new babysitter should be in your presence so baby sees that you’re comfortable with him or her. Same goes for day care—visit on a day when you can stay with baby and leave together.
  3. Have an exit plan. Don’t sneak out while baby isn’t looking. This just teaches him to be fearful that you could disappear at any time. Come up with a goodbye ritual (a kiss, song, etc.).
  4. Let him cry it out. Your baby will pick up your cues and react accordingly—stay calm and confident, and baby will learn that you trust the person you are leaving him with.
  5. Take time for a sweet reunion. Join baby in whatever activity he is engaged in. Cuddle if he needs it and comfort him if he needs

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