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I hope that you and your baby can benefit from the parenting tips I’ve compiled. Throughout this blog, I will refer to baby as “he” rather than “he/she” since I am preparing for a little guy of my own. All comments and advice from other moms out there are welcome! Happy parenting!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby's First Haircut

Here are some tips from American Baby magazine to help your little one cope with his first haircut from a stranger.
  • Let him sit on your lap while you get your hair cut first.
  • Avoid using the word “cut.” Instead, say things like “Look how nicely she’s fixing Mommy’s hair.”
  • Play hair styling games at home. Use a hair dryer and drape a towel around him for a cape.
  • Find a salon that specializes in cutting kids’ hair. The stylists will be patient and quick.
  • Schedule his appointment for after a nap or another time when he’s on his best behavior.

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